Your Imagination, Our Creation


Backend to Frontend, We take All the Responsibility


Connect your Brand with Everyone

Let's Research And Analyze Your Requirements

At Tech Pingu, We do an in-depth analysis and research of your project requirements before actually starting work so that we can meet your expectations and provide you state of the art design and functionality.

Develop a Robust and Secure Backend for Your Website and App.

Security of the business website and app from being hacked is a major concern of startup founders. At TechPingu we have a dedicated backend team with a combined experience of more than 30 years in backend development. The guys in the backend team stay updated on the latest technologies and security issues to give you the most secure and up to date website and app.

Design Your Dream Website/App

We stay in constant touch with you as we design your website/app. So that we can produce a design that you can simply fall in love with. We focus on creating simple and interactive design that engages the visitors, thus increases the chances of turning visitors to clients/customers.

Market Your Business Offline and Online

Only a startup founder can know how to present a startup to people in the best possible light. Thus headed by our visionary CEO we always try to create Marketing strategies to create a long lasting impression on users and help you take your business to next level. Our marketing expertise is both offline and online.

How We Research and Analyze Your Requirements

First we listen to your requirements, then our team analyze your requirements, and do the depth in research to fulfill your needs in a easy and best way. We identify and let you know the best way and time to design, develop and market your business.

How We Create the Best Design for Your Project

After analyzing and researching, now we create the best design for your idea and help you put this through your website or app. We make the best user friendly design for your project to reach your idea to desired people.

How We Develop Your Project

After designing now we use the best technology to develop your project and provide you a best, easy and secure backend for your website or app.

How We Advertise and Promote your Business

Now after getting your project ready for the desired people, we help you promote your idea to everyone though offline and online marketing.

Our Clients